4 Norfolk Road

RD 8 Inglewood 4388, Taranaki

Phone: 067568306

Email- office@norfolk.school.nz

Our Enrolment Zone:

Norfolk School operates an enrolment scheme which was put in place in consultation with the Ministry of Education and our community. The purpose of this scheme is to manage our roll and avoid overcrowding. Specific details of the Norfolk School Enrolment Scheme can be found here.

The Board of Trustees determines when vacancies will be available and these are advertised in the Inglewood Moa Mail before September 15th each year for enrolments the following year. The Board may also decide that further vacancies are available throughout the year and these will be advertised as they arise.

For more information regarding current vacancies, or to be placed on a waiting list, please contact the school office office@norfolk.school.nz .

New Entrants:

New Entrants can be enrolled from within our zone any time between their 5th and 6th birthdays. Pre-enrolment is encouraged prior to starting.

Orientation: Our orientation is flexible and tailored to each child individually. For most new entrants, we have five orientation visits, which allow your child to get to know the staff, children and systems within the classroom. If more visits are required, these are arranged with the teacher.

Classification of new entrants: As a general rule, children whose 5th birthday is before July 1 will be classified as a Year 1 and will be a Year 2 the following year. Children who start school after July 1 will be classified as a Year 0 and will be a Year 1 the following year. This is always flexible and we can make decisions that work best for individual children so please see us if you have any concerns.

School Buses

We have two school bus runs that serve our families who live within the bus catchment area. People who live within the bus zone but further than 3.2 km from school are entitled to ride on the bus free of charge. (Note: As per Ministry of Education bus transport policy, children who live closer than 3.2km from school will need to pay Tranzit Coach Lines directly for this service).

Bus Run 3024: Norfolk Road Upper, Bedford Road, Surrey Road to Tariki, SH3 from Tariki to Norfolk, Norfolk Road Lower, Suffolk Road to Tarata Road, Tarata Road to Durham Road Lower, Durham Road

Bus Run 3027: Tariki Road (from the Ross Road intersection to Mountain Road), SH3 to Rugby Road, Johns Road, SH3 to Norfolk.

Please watch this Tranzit Bus Safety Video and Good Bus Behaviour with your child before riding on the bus.

School Donations:

School donations are a voluntary payment that really make a huge difference to the opportunities we can offer for your children. We aim to keep these as fair and reasonable as we possibly can.

School donations are set at $100 for one child or $120 for a family. This is a voluntary donation which is tax deductible. This means that you can claim back 1/3 of the donation with your personal tax return.

For children joining us half-way through the year we appreciate half of these amounts.


The Current Stationery lists can be found here. We aim to keep our stationery lists as small as possible. Most items can be purchased from your preferred stationery store. We do have some supplies of stationery which can be purchased from the school office.

For students joining us part way through the year, we try to use the stationery they already have as much as possible. The teacher will let you know if they require anything new.

Our School Day Times:

8:55am - School Starts

10:40am - 11:05am - Morning Tea

12:50pm - 1:40pm - Lunch Break

3:00pm - School Finishes

Keep Up to Date:

Download the SKOOL LOOP app from the app store and select Norfolk School to keep up to date with school events, newsletters absence reporting and contact details.