Our People

4 Norfolk Road

RD 8 Inglewood 4388,  Taranaki

Phone: 067568306

Email- office@norfolk.school.nz                                         

Our Staff

Jim McArthur:  (Principal)

Contact: principal@norfolk.school.nz

Victoria Poulgrain: (Deputy Principal/Junior Team Leader)

Te Kakano  (Year 0-1)

Contact: victoria.poulgrain@norfolk.school.nz

Lorraine Hitchcock: (Teacher)

CRT Release/Te Kākano teacher 1 day per week

Contact: lorraine.hitchcock@norfolk.school.nz

Scott Miller: (Teacher)

Mamaku (Year 1/2)

Contact: scott.miller@norfolk.school.nz

Michelle Parker: (Teacher)

Mamaku (Friday's)

Contact: michelle.parker@norfolk.school.nz

Elizabeth Carter: (Teacher)

Inglewood Kāhui Ako/ Community of Learning Across School Leader

Tūī (Year 3-4)

Contact: elizabeth.carter@norfolk.school.nz

Shannon Leathers: (Teacher)

Totara (Year 4-5)

Contact: shannon.leathers@norfolk.school.nz

Kerrin Smillie (teacher)

Kāmahi (Year 5 - 6)

Contact: Kerrin.Smillie@norfolk.school.nz

Josie Harrington: (Senior team leader/teacher)

Te Aratika (Year 7-8)

Contact: josie.harrington@norfolk.school.nz

Devon Gray: (Teacher)

The Moa Hut  (Year 7-8)

Contact: Devon.Gray@norfolk.school.nz 

Additional Support Teachers

Scott Armstrong (Teacher)

Contact:  scott.armstrong@norfolk.school.nz

Tracy Telfer: (Teacher)

Contact: tracy.telfer@norfolk.school.nz


Support Staff: 

Paula Terrill (Office Manager)

Contact: paula.terrill@norfolk.school.nz

Heather Goble (Teacher Aide)

Kylee Hamill (Teacher Aide)

Helen Rose (Teacher Aide)

Jane Mansfield (Reading Recovery)

Norfolk School Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the governance of our school. The act in accordance with the Education Act to ensure we meet our legislative requirements. 

 Norfolk School Board of Trustees regularly consult with our community about the future school direction, which is focused on the needs of our students. Parents, students, and teachers have developed a shared understanding about what the school stands for and what we hope our Year 8 students can achieve once they have graduated from Norfolk School.

Norfolk School Board of Trustees

James Oakes (Presiding Member)

Jim McArthur (Principal)

Victoria Poulgrain (Staff Representative)

Tania Hitchcock

Lee-Ann Hunger

Carina McQueen

Claire Tungia Mathieson


Norfolk Home and School

The Home and School group meets monthly to coordinate fundraising events and foster goodwill and community spirit. The group is a dedicated and hard-working team who have a lot of fun. Not only do the Home and School support our school financially, but they also help out hugely in bringing our community together by organising key events such as our annual Show Day,  The Year 8 High Tea Leavers Dinner and the Mid-winter breakfast for our children and staff. 

New members are always welcome. For information on how to make contact with the Home and School team, check newsletters or ask at the office. 

President: Rochelle King

Vice President: Amanda Chambers

Treasurer: Crystal Duke

Secretary: Cath Kelsen


Norfolk Playgroup